Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder


narcissistic personality disorderThe word “narcissism” is a word that comes from the Greek myth about Narcissus. He was a man who saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with his reflection. This is an exaggerated sense of a person’s attractiveness but it can be a characteristic of a person with a narcissistic personality disorder. Here are a few symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder that might help you recognize this disorder.

Person Always Talks About Themselves

People who suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder will tend to always speak and think only about themselves. Very often, it’s about their appearance, achievements, or talents. But, the comments will also tend to be very exaggerated and not always accurate reflections of their real lives.

They will also tend to have very little regard for anyone around them and they rarely if ever, will ask others for their feelings and thoughts. This is generally because those who are suffering from narcissistic personality disorder don’t have empathy and this makes them unable to see or understand any needs or feelings of other people.

Often Fantasize

Often the minds of those suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder will tend to be filled with fantasies that are elaborate about their power, success, beauty, or their brilliance because of their fantasies. They feel they are owed the best of all things and that includes cars, clothes, and houses. Anything that is status-affirming that includes everything from their own medical care to where they end up going to school.

Sadly though, the fantasies they have are really to try and fend off their feelings of inner emptiness and they want to feel special and always in control. It is to try and avoid their feelings of defectiveness and even their own insignificance. This can lead them to feel immensely frustrated and angry when they don’t achieve their visions of grandeur.

They Believe They’re Superior to Others

When suffering from narcissistic personality disorder people often have a feeling of a grandiose sense of their own self-importance. This causes them to feel far superior to most people they know. Think truly believe only people who are just like them can really understand them and those are the type of people they usually will surround themselves with.

So that they can maintain these feelings of their superiority they will always turn to belittling other people by always focusing on the flaws of these people. These flaws can be real or just imagined. For a narcissist, it is a very effective manner to hide their own feelings of shortcomings and then they can protect their own self-image.

They Need Constant Praise

No matter how confident a person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder appears, they actually will feel very insecure and have extremely low self-esteem. So to be able to always prop themselves up, they will constantly seek out admiration and praise. They will also expect to be recognized as a person that is superior even if they haven’t done anything to deserve it.

The self-esteem of a narcissist is very fragile even with their outward confidence and they often feel very insecure and they find it very difficult to accept any kind of criticism. Comments that might shine a light on their insecurities or their flaws are often met with rage and result in trying to divert the conversation away from them and go in a far different direction instead.

Believe They Are Entitled

Often those suffering from a narcissistic personality narcissistic personality disorder 2disorder will tend to believe they are entitled and they expect others to give them special favors and give them what they want without questioning it. If they don’t get the treatment they feel they deserve they often become either impatient or very angry. This is because most narcissists see others as existing only to serve them and their needs.

This is similar to a toddler who hasn’t discovered yet that they are not the center of the world and will become enraged when people don’t meet their demands immediately.

Takes Advantage of Other People

It does seem that people tend to be drawn to those who are narcissistic. Often they find them charming, exciting, attractive, and charismatic. Because of this, those suffering from narcissistic personality disorder won’t have any issues with these people because they know they can get them to do whatever they want them to do.

Very often a narcissist doesn’t feel that their needs are actually being met. They will then see nothing wrong with trying to take advantage of other people around them. They have very little regard for their interests or their feelings. Because of this kind of behavior, a narcissist will often have friendships that are tumultuous. Also their romantic relationships often are very short.

Envy Others

Having envy of others is a very common symptom of someone who is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. They have low self-esteem and their deep need to feel they are superior to others. This causes them to see people around them that have things they don’t have a threat. They envy them for what they have. Others who have things and a status of admiration tend to be threats to them.

Because of this envy, they often will accuse people of feelings that may be false. Then they often will put an end to their relationship with those they envy.


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