Ways to Lift Your Spirits and Help Depression


depression and laughingToday it seems we live in an extremely fast-paced society that often overtaxes us and makes us feel like we live in a society that’s uncaring. This can often make it hard for us to find ways to lift our spirits and help combat any depression we might be feeling.

There are ways in which we can turn things around, even if they seem dismal, there are ways in which you can feel happier, lift your spirits and ward off feelings of depression. Here are just a few ways in which you can do this.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Four hundreds of years those who are involved with religion worldwide have understood the power of gratitude. It is something that really can lift our spirits and help ward off depression. Too often we find ourselves too caught up with what we feel we lack in our lives that we often don’t take time to recognize everything that we do have.

Too often we only find ourselves grateful when we come across those who seem to be worse off than we are. This isn’t the way we should approach life, instead, we need to learn to be more thankful for all that we do have. If need be, we should try to make a list of the things that we are grateful for.

Make Someone Else’s Day Bright

Even though we might be feeling blue from some depression that might be creeping upon us, it often can help if we take time out to try and brighten up the day of someone else. When you put a smile on the face of someone else, you’ll suddenly see that your day becomes a little brighter as well. It can be called a ripple effect. It’s a fact that a smile can be contagious. So, it’s important to always try to smile and light up others faces with their own smiles.

Become More Organized

There are a lot of experts do agree that when a person is more organized they will feel better about themselves and their circumstances. This is why it’s important to clear away the clutter that’s in your home as well as what might be out in your yard and garden. You might also want to take time out to totally detail your car. Other things you can do is to organize your closets, basement, attic, garage or any other place that’s cluttered.

Get Plenty of Fresh Air

Fresh air isn’t just good for the body but it is also depression and fresh airgreat for the mind and can really help with feelings of depression. Fresh air is something that can help to revitalize the senses and encourages us to get up and do something instead of staying in a bad mood. Things one can do is go for a walk alone or with a friend. Go for a bike ride, work in the garden. Any of these things are going to give us the stimulating fresh air our bodies and minds need.

Consider Pampering Yourself

If you’re feeling blue or suffering from a bout of depression it’s really a good idea to consider pampering yourself. Go out and get a manicure or a facial. Watch a movie that you really love and order takeout to enjoy while watching the movie. Buy yourself your favorite bouquet of flowers. Take a bubble bath using aromatic candles and listening to some soothing music. Whatever it is that makes you feel pampered you should do it.

Be Creative

Whether you believe it or not, you are creative, everyone is creative in some way. That’s why it’s important to tap into your creativity especially if you feel depression coming on. Your creativity could be writing, cooking, crafting, painting, drawing, sewing, whatever talent you have, use sit. When you use your creativity it gives you a sense of accomplishment and direction in your life.

Listen to Music

Consider listening to some upbeat music when you feel depression coming on. Music that is upbeat always tends to stimulate the mind and makes for a great distraction from things that might be making you feel unhappy. It’s also a good thing to sing along with your favorite music because there’s nothing better to lift up your spirits and feel better about things than singing with your favorite songs.

Go and Exercise

Exercise is a great way to combat depression. It increases the heart rate and breathing and this, in turn, creates more oxygen that’s delivered to your body’s tissues. This helps to relieve your stress and can lower the level of cortisol which is the stress hormone in our bodies. Also, exercise helps to release endorphins which are the natural pain relief produced by the body. Exercise can quickly help you shift from a sad mood to a happier one.

Try Making Someone Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, we’ve heard that plenty of times in our lives and quite frankly it is true. Laughing is something that gets those endorphins flowing and actually gives us a true natural high that helps to relieve stress and ward off depression. Even though there is no true factual information that confirms laughing can benefit physical health, although it can’t hurt. However, laughing does lift our spirits and that’s a good thing especially when it comes to fighting off depression.

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